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ECU Remap of Audi S3 1.8T 225 BHP

Reviewed by Steve Fooks of Canterbury, Kent. on .

Recently bought this Audi S3 after owning a Seat Leon Cupra for a few years. I enjoyed the Cupra but wanted more power so decided on on the Audi S3 because it shared the same engine but with a bigger turbo pumping out more power. It was quicker but suffered with turbo lag and coupled with four wheel drive draining some of the power I felt it was lacking something. I phoned my local VAG specialist, The Motorist Centre who advised me to get in touch with Mobile Remaps. This was Saturday lunchtime but Rick said he was in the area and arranged to meet me where the car was parked. He answered all my questions about the procedure and then gave me a run-down of the process which he then carried out. This took an hour or so and after packing away his equipment he started the car and we went for a test drive. The difference was absolutely amazing. Virtually no turbo lag and just loads of torque from the off. I really hope I can hang on to my licence as I just want to floor the s3 everywhere. The extra power combined with the four wheel drive has totally transformed this car. Just absolutely awesome!

Rating: 4.8

Vehicle Type : Audi S3 1.8T 225 BHP

Watch out for the radar traps Steve! The VAG 1.8T engine always comes up well with an ECU Remap no matter which power version it may be. Steve's Audi S3 is the 225 bhp and is a quick car in its own right but with an ECU Remap for performance it does become a different beast! From 225 BHP as standard with an ECU Remap it gains an extra 27bhp pushing it to 250bhp, but importantly the torque figure jumps from 280 nm to 355 nm, an increase of 27% ! Glad you're enjoying your Audi S3 after an ECU Remap from Mobile Remaps Steve.

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