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ECU Remap of Citroen C4 Sebastian Loeb ltd edition

Reviewed by Martin Shacklock of Lewisham, London. on .

I was so impressed after going on the test drive with my Father and Rick in my Fathers Citroen C5, just after Rick had performed an ECU Remap, that I decided to bite the bullet and have the ECU Remapping done on my Citroen C4.

To say I was impressed with the result is an understatement, the gain in power being felt as soon as I pulled away with  none of the usual turbo lag and a nice hint of turbo whistle making it feel something like the car it should be.

My partner uses the car for work during the week and says that she put £100 of fuel in the tank this month instead of the usual £130 which to me makes having an ECU Remap common sense.


Rating: 4.7

Vehicle Type : Citroen C4 Sebastian Loeb ltd edition

Thanks for the review Martin,

Martins car certainly looks the part but with only 110 BHP it certainly didn't go like it looked, so it made sense for Martin to have his Citroen C4 ECU Remapped.

The gain on power alone takes this car to just short of 140 BHP with sizeable gains also on the torque.

Martin had his car done on the same day as his Father at his Fathers home and this worked well for them both as I give a good discount on multiple vehicle ECU Remaps, something to think about if you are considering an ECU Remap from Mobile Remaps for your Car!

Thanks once again Dave and Martin, look forward to hearing from you when you want an ECU Remap on your next vehicles! 

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