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ECU Remap of Ford Focus TDCi 110bhp

Reviewed by Martin Stanbridge of Sheerness, Ilse of Sheppey, Kent. on .

I bought my 2008 Ford Focus Tdci with a DPF fault, but with the knowledge that I could have a DPF Removal and ECU Remap carried out, unfortunately I chose the wrong firm. When I collected the car I noticed on the way home that it would start smoking and running rough. I phoned up the firm that carried out the job and they told me I needed a new turbo and advised me to get it checked out. This didn't ring true as it hadn't behaved like this before and the previous owner told me the turbo had not long been replaced. To cut a long story short I eventually gave up on the previous Remap company and contacted Mobile Remaps. I spoke with Rick who suggested that in the first instance he would take a read of the map on my ECU and send it via the internet to Quantum Tuning, the firm who write his files. They would then be able to see how the file had been modified by the previous company and correct any faults they might find. Quantum Tuning uncovered several faults in the way the remap had been carried out and sent one of their own modified files which Rick installed. As soon as I drove the car it was obvious that the previous ecu remap was at fault as the drive was so clean and crisp it felt like a different car with no smoking and no uneven running. It goes without saying that I am absolutely delighted with the service provided by Mobile Remaps and Quantum Tuning and I would say to anybody considering having a DPF Removal and ECU Remap to do their homework first, I went for the cheapest option but it worked out expensive in the end!

Rating: 4.9

Vehicle Type : Ford Focus TDCi 110bhp

Thanks Martin and I hope I've managed to restore your faith in the ECU Remapping process. I unfortunately feel this is the wrong place to name the company that carried out the DPF Removal and ECU Remap although I have mentioned to Martin that he could do this on a forum related to this trade. Incidents like this can give our trade a bad name when there are a lot of good companies out there. Martin was at his wits end when he phoned me, asking if there was anything that could be done. I arranged with him to take a read from from his ECU and fired it off to Quantum Tuning. They opened the map up and found several major issues with the previous remap. They  remodified the file incorporating  an EGR Delete as a precaution and sent it back to me. I installed the new ECU Remap from Quantum Tuning and went for a test drive with Martin. I think Martin was of the opinion that we probably wouldn't be able to fix his car and the expression on his face as we drove further and further was one of disbelief as it became obvious that the faults were fixed.

Very few ECU Remap installers write their own files choosing to use the services of a file writing company such as Quantum Tuning. When deciding which ECU Remapping company to carry out a DPF Removal or ECU Remap on your car always enquire which company they use for writing their files. Then have a look at the quality of that companies website and phone them and ask questions about the procedure. This should give you some insight into the quality of their product and help give you some reassurance, also beware unbelievably cheap offers. Alternatively just ring Quantum Tuning or Mobile Remaps for a Quality Product and First Class Service!

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