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ECU Remap of Mercedes Sprinter

Reviewed by Brian Edmonds of Gillingham, Kent. on .

My Merc Sprinter had been using more fuel than usual for a couple of weeks. I was told that it was spending more time than normal attempting to regenerate the DPF and the cure was a new DPF.

At more than £2000 for a replacement DPF from a main dealer and substitutes being only slightly cheaper I thought that my van was about to be put off the road until I could afford the new DPF.

A mate told me about Mobile Remaps and that they could completely remove my DPF for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Rick I am so pleased I contacted you, you saved the day with my van and now it drives a lot better that it had ever done before.

As promised here is my review and my recommendation for anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation.

Thanks Brian.

Rating: 4.7

Vehicle Type : Mercedes Sprinter

Brians Mercedes Sprinter was a straight forward DPF removal, removing the filter and refitting the shell. We then remapped the ECU so as to disable all DPF regeneration functionality. This is probably the most important part of the DPF removal process. If the ECU is not remapped it can continue to force the engine into a DPF regeneration mode where extra fuel is used to raise the exhaust gas temperature. The DPF regen light on the dashboard will also be turned off after the ECU has been remapped.

Thanks for the great review Brian.

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